15 Jun 2020

Where Else To Be Inspired

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Its creation. Its waking to and tapping into a different mind, the universal mind. And only you can tap this wellspring for yourself. Right now, its raining pretty hard and saturating the woods very deeply. Some may look out at the scene and feel down. No sun. But the truth of inspiration is that it is not an ambience or a room you walk into and inhabit. It is a state of consciousness that you choose and it will overshadow you. In these times there are so many edifice that our outside culture uses to invade. It keeps us worried, bothered and doubting. And in effect, these stimuli stall any deep perusal of our inner workings and creativity. That, of course, is a personal decision, but one that is buffered by so much noise. One can sit in the kitchen and look at the coffee cup and suddenly enter this creative realm and out comes a poem or a song or maybe an epiphany.The legacy of all of us is the releasing of our deepest notions, from the deepest sources, to enrich the rest of the continuum. Who is to know that your creation may or may not touch another and become a moment of true epiphany, enriching them for a lifetime, and beyond.
We are enlisted to bring the divine to bear on our world.


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