14 Mar 2017

the pure essence of healing work

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There is a lot of misconception surrounding the term “Healing Work”. I have been exposed to some form of this work throughout  my life. Even as a youngster, the old people would take me out in the woods to pick mushrooms, various plants and learn the way of the bush. It was a natural setting and therefore felt natural to a young kid. The relationship of the bush and the natural flora/fauna was instilled in me at a very young age. The natural world, after all, is our closest ally and relationship. She teaches us, like a good mother, to take what is needed and no more. The implied understanding is all will be provided for your needs.  Nothing need be horded as there are no universal embargoes. This is, of course, the natural world. When the concept, as in thought form, of lack and  not enough became prevalent in the human psyche, the start of commerce began. And, as in all conceptual models, the humans modified and embellished ‘need’ into a commodity of  social leverage.We now live in systems that are not natural and do not have our highest good in mind.When these systems become extant and ubiquitous the natural figure of the human is compromised by so many forces. Each individual handles this compromise in various levels of efficacy. When the human  is inundated with enough foreign influences, dis-ease, is the result.  These deleterious influences or fields of energy  impact the person, reducing quality of life or even terminating life.

We live in four realms of existence,  physical, mental, spirit and soul. Each realm resides in a harmonic field that provides for our well-being. When any of these fields are impugned with a dissonance, the disharmony is felt..  If disregarded, the dissonance will become embedded deeper and can cause difficulty, stress and imbalances. It is the work of the practitioner to seek out the pathogenic factor, the dissonance, and either remove it or neutralize its influence.  Th practitioner then must re-establish the proper harmonic field, resolving the frequency disharmony and promoting a proper field of energy for highest quality of life.

In the coming months, I will discuss these ways in greater detail.


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