07 Mar 2017

The Coming Season

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We are still in the throes of winter, snow and sleet.  We are also in the ‘winter of our discontent’, for many.   I have been asked by more than one person when we can begin to work on our new arbor.  I have secured a location in the Cascades that will be superb for our new spiritual home.  As you probably know Dave Knight moved back to Minnesota.  I just talked with him and he has all of his stuff in the house but is just beginning to figure out what to do next.  The new arbor will be up outside of North Bend.  The land has been in the owner’s family since homesteading. The location is in a draw, surrounded by stone.  It feels strong, deep and protected. No one has come forward to fast this year, but there is enough area for some good fasting sites. I am thinking that we have to wait for leafing out to be able to build the lodge, but we can get a work party to clear the site and prep for the lodge building.  I will keep you posted,


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