On February 28th I fell and broke my right arm’s humorous bone in two places. The emergency room doctor gave me a sling to wear until the bone healed. As time passed, the breaks healed, but the muscles in my mid-arm were still very sore. Robert called me to find out how the healing was going. He said that he would work on the muscles when we stopped our phone conversation. Within a few minutes the muscles were not paining me and are not to this day. For this I am deeply grateful.

Mary – Bellevue, WA


I have worked with Robert over many years. His approach to resolving the inner turmoil and/or block which mitigates ease and fluidity for someone is one of genuine caring and respect. He puts his heart and soul into his work and deeply desires healing for his clients. His work goes deep into the inner self, shedding the layers of the onion to get to the core and finding resolution. His approach is vastly supportive and healing.

Z – Seattle, WA


I have had the honor of receiving work from Robert Lester for several years. Our most recent session was completed while we were both in separate locations. We talked over the phone first to discuss the physical symptoms that I wanted to have addressed in the session. Before we got off the phone Robert gave me instructions to find a comfortable warm place to sit or lie while the distance work took place. I felt calm, noticed my own breathing pattern, and went into a meditative state. This is when I sensed a profound state of healing beginning to take place inside my body. I felt a guided focus toward the areas of my body that were uncomfortable and felt an unraveling of tension and pain in different areas of my body. Robert not only helped me understand the origin of what I was feeling he helped me uncover a lot of memories and stressors that were affecting me. The session was completed after a second phone conversation in which we shared our experience with one another. I was surprised by how much more I was able to let go of during this session and think that my body felt at ease being treated in my own office.

When quarantine first happened I was upset that we could not continue the work we had been doing previously. Robert told me about long-distance work, and the sessions have been incredible. I would be happy to discuss more of the details if you would like to know more about my experience. Roberts’s experience, knowledge, and intuition are rare gifts, truly unlike anyone I have ever worked with. I highly recommend his work.

Holly J. – Seattle, WA


I have worked with Robert for a limited time. The in- person sessions were very powerful. But when the Corona virus shut everything down, I couldn’t come in to see him. He said that we could work together from a distance, remotely. He said that he would do this on select sessions and had been doing this for over 30 years.

I set up my room, a little extra heat, pulled the drapes, made sure the house was quiet. I got a small candle and wrapped up in a wool blanket.

I almost immediately felt an intense massage of my injured knee, and my spinal cord and then a gentle pulling on my neck. I actually fell asleep and woke up pain free. Beneficial! I would recommend his work to anyone.

Marianne H. – Seattle, WA



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