Chrysalis…What Comes of It

We are in the midst of a huge change. This is not news. We as a species have brought ourselves to this place. We can look at events as doom or we can begin the sometimes daunting phase of creating anew. This is no light order as the entire base and supporting functions within each.. read more →

16 May 2020
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a humanity re-boot

We are living in a culture that is ravaged with fear. For many cultures around the world, there is the deep fear that the culture will be irrevocably changed or destroyed. I think that we are in the process of epoch change and a humanity re-boot. There will be loss of systems and sentiment that no longer.. read more →

28 Mar 2020
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the pure essence of healing work

There is a lot of misconception surrounding the term “Healing Work”. I have been exposed to some form of this work throughout  my life. Even as a youngster, the old people would take me out in the woods to pick mushrooms, various plants and learn the way of the bush. It was a natural setting.. read more →

14 Mar 2017
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entering the season of the wood

We have been charged in the last few months with the deep inner exploration of self, inner work and discovery.  The season of the water,from the ancient understanding of the world medicine, in the deepest part of the year, the winter months,  provides the rejuvenation and clarification of self,  propelling us for the rest of.. read more →

10 Mar 2017
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The Coming Season

We are still in the throes of winter, snow and sleet.  We are also in the ‘winter of our discontent’, for many.   I have been asked by more than one person when we can begin to work on our new arbor.  I have secured a location in the Cascades that will be superb for.. read more →

07 Mar 2017
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we are becoming the Elders we revered

This life looks short from this side of the line.  The Elders that I honored and revered are pretty much on the other side, helping from their vantage.I am reminded about a teaching that was told to me a long time ago, from one of those now departed. It was a teaching around “Elders and.. read more →

07 Mar 2017
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The Final Work

The dissemination of energies to an end is initially driven by spirit.  Our soul bodies whisper the intent of the development.  We touch that subtle firmament in the waking sleep of this reality,only to be directed in the soul evolution. Our efforts are to accomplish the soul goals. If the efforts soldier through the haze.. read more →

15 Feb 2017
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Welcome to the new online home of the OnePeople Foundation! We are looking forward to co-creating a community fostering mutual respect and civility locally and across the globe. We would like to offer a huge thank you for the talented team of Michelle Hansen and Rob Kilmer at Kilmer Hansen Designs for all of their.. read more →

09 Mar 2015
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This is a term used by Carl Jung to describe our spiritual function here on earth. Simply stated we are here to do something that only we can do. It is our spirit journey to discover the exact nature of our specific gifts and then cultivate a perfect environment for these to grow. It is.. read more →