Translucent Class

Trans-Lucent – Navigating the arc of movement between worlds

We live in difficult times. We are tested in our resolve and resourcefulness. Sometimes it appears a solo journey when in fact this life is the vehicle to teach us the ways of mastery. We can work hard, struggle and erode our life energy with worry or we can use the ways of the masters and live in a state of grace and ease. Choice is the only ticket.

Make no mistake about the purpose of this class: Trans-Lucent is a practical working series to give you these skills including instruction in the pragmatic use of the third ingredient to mastery and ease of manifestation.

This is a weekly 3-month working series where you will learn the ancient ways of bringing things to fruition. You will learn explicitly what stops you in your life and how to overcome obstacles. (This is not a hope class, a think-and-grow-rich scheme, or an “if-I-believe-long-enough” class.) In these times, there is no longer the time or room for wasted effort. You as an individual and we as a community must adapt to the full-lucent-manner of living to begin walking a path of ease and harmony.

Contact You are becoming the people you wanted to be.

Duration: Weekly for 3 Months