OnePeople EVENTS

We encourage you to Join any of our Pacific Northwest Workshops (below).

Translucent Class

Trans-Lucent – Navigating the arc of movement between worlds
Duration: Weekly for 3 Months View Class

This is a weekly 3-month working series where you will learn the ancient ways of bringing things to fruition. Make no mistake about the purpose of this class: Trans-Lucent is a practical working series to give you these skills including instruction in the pragmatic use of the third ingredient to mastery and ease of manifestation.

Art of Inner Seeing

Duration: Two day workshop View Class

A weekend of exploring ancient spiritual approaches to healing. Develop the ability to “allow” healing to occur under one’s hands and to begin to scan.

Professional Mentorship

Duration: 2nights/mo. for 9mos. View Class

This program is intended for the professional practitioner who wants to develop honed skills and a deeper inter-relationship to healing, energetic and spiritual practice.

Medicine: Wind & Water

Duration: Evening/day workshop View Class

Gain a traditional understanding of wind and water; plus you’ll get to experience the essence of the medicine firsthand.

Stone Medicine

Duration: One day workshop View Class

Learn proper use of the ‘stone people’ for healing others, oneself, or develop a deeper understanding of the power and medicine of stone.

Secrets of Sacred Smoke

Duration: One day workshop View Class

This workshop introduces participants to the proper use of the various plants, plant etiquette and their sacred use in their personal life.

Men’s Power Circle

Duration: Ongoing, last Monday night of every month View Class

When good men gather, there is a power that is available to make things happen.

Traditional Talking Circle

Duration: Meets second Monday of each month View Class

Provides a connection point for spiritually oriented people.

Qi Gong

Duration: (TBD)

View Class

Sacred and cloistered for centuries, practiced by a select few.