10 Mar 2017

entering the season of the wood

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We have been charged in the last few months with the deep inner exploration of self, inner work and discovery.  The season of the water,from the ancient understanding of the world medicine, in the deepest part of the year, the winter months,  provides the rejuvenation and clarification of self,  propelling us for the rest of the year.The season of the water also provides the individual with the deepest inner tests and opportunities for soul growth.  Thus as we begin to exit this dark rich time, we are confronted with a sense of imminent action.  We embark on the ‘doing’  that comes from the clarity of the ‘being’ discovery of the previous months.  We are in the early stages of  the shift from the season of water to wood. You may see the mother earth’s subtle  changes everyday. You may, in your internal sensitivities, feel the shift establishing. The remainder of our coastal medicine ceremonies will be coming down to a final fruition in a few months, depending on the duration of the shift. We must be prepared for rapid change and movement. If an element of ‘darkness’ or an impediment to growth appears in these times, consider that it is the shaking off of the old mechanisms that no longer work for your highest growth and soul refinement. This is the beginning time of the shift, when the bear finally emerges from his den, and will seek out a good flourishing batch of skunk cabbage.  This plant will affect a mighty change in his digestion, as in “does the bear shit in the woods, oh yeh”, purging his body of all the refuse from the hibernation.  Consider that as the world speeds up for you, you are not required to eat skunk cabbage to release things, but you might consider leaving behind the systems, feelings and activities that no longer serve you.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


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