Distance Healing Work For The People

Greetings! And the best of health to you.

Because of Covid-19, we live in unprecedented times. Not even a World War had such a stifling effect on our finances, culture, thoughts and emotions.

But something else is also at work. Our “normal” fast-paced frantic striving has stopped. Suddenly, we are compelled to be quiet. To listen inwardly.

For some, there is a deepening of feeling, understanding and perhaps spiritual enrichment. A time when your own spirit can finally speak up.

With this quiet comes introspection. And with this introspection comes moments of self-evaluation and course correction. In short, this is a time to look within, face your dragons and create anew.

This is a time of re-evaluation. What do you really want to do? Particularly in relation to other people. What about your own family? What ambience do you want to create in your home? And finally, when you look within, what do you see? What would you like to change?

These can be hard questions. But your internal explorations can shine light on deep trauma that may be holding you back, perhaps even trauma left over from previous generations or other lifetimes. This is important because when you enter this new era, you will need to shed your dissonance and trauma — to have clarity of mind, body and spirit.

The blessing from all of this is that you can trade suffering and confusion for realizations and clarity.

With that in mind, I have decided to offer something to help – distance healing. For decades I have gotten good results, primarily with family, friends and specific clients. But during all of those years, I felt it would be too much of a stretch for the public, so I didn’t offer it.

Things have changed. First, there is now a dire need for distance work. As people begin digging into themselves, they need support and help to clear past blockages that currently affect them. This is one thing that distance work can do excellently because it can clear issues on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

How does it work? Healers and medicine people who work with the  Unseen have used it for millennia. Quantum physics gives us some understanding of what we’ve known for thousands of years.

In the Unseen realm, because there is no time or space, I’m able to work right beside you, even if you are in Finland and I am in the Pacific Northwest.

Considering all that is moving and changing, I have decided to publicly offer my distance healing abilities. Because these sessions are often quite involved, I will be offering only two sessions a day, three days a week. Preparatory work you may need to do will be emailed in a confirmation letter.

Sessions are typically two hours but can often go much longer. We will talk initially on Zoom, and then I will ring off and work at a distance. When I have finished, I will call you back to report my findings and report what I have done. Then, post-session work may be suggested and a simple protocol worked out.

If you are interested in distance healing, please read my “Recommendations and Reviews,” so you can see what other people have experienced from this kind of work.

It’s interesting that at this time of introspection, my own realization has been that it’s time for me to offer the gift I have so that you can see your own gifts as well.

You may reach me by filling out this contact form. I look forward to working with you.

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