16 May 2020

Chrysalis…What Comes of It

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We are in the midst of a huge change. This is not news. We as a species have brought ourselves to this place. We can look at events as doom or we can begin the sometimes daunting phase of creating anew. This is no light order as the entire base and supporting functions within each of us are being required to alter to stay viable. Some have chosen to remain in the same old epoch and will suffer the consequences of that decision. Those of us that choose to evolve into the next epoch must grapple with an energetic tectonic change.

The deepest most shift will be how the source of our internal stabilization changes. We have been living in a society that stabilizes based on the material or the acquisition of the material. This has proven inadequate to the coming times. The locus of stabilization is moving from the material to a locus of stabilization based on consciousness and principle. This could sound like a nice pipe dream. And I am sure that many ensconced individuals would say this is a fallacy. However, the test of this new way is not an external arbiter, but to test oneself in one’s own feeling state and preferred reality. In any situation, does the self- gain come first or does the matter of the whole begin to enter the decision-making process. The aspect of personal gain is shifting to collaborative invention. This internal shift will color more and more decisions. As we clear the old paradigm from the personal to the communal, the aspect of the new dimensions and all the gifts of this new age will materialize.


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