Common Man…Not so Common

I was listening to an old tape(?!) of a composition by Aaron Copeland, Fanfare For The Common Man. It is a wonderful, heart-felt, orchestral piece that is at once compelling, gravitational and inspiring. You can find it. Have a listen. What is more important to me is that it brought forward some feeling about our.. read more →

03 Jul 2020
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Direct Changing World from the Celestial My dear friends, We are in one of the deepest changes in the history of mankind. This is not just driven by the mistaken beliefs and blunders of our recent history, but it is driven by a celestial shift of immense magnitude. The old people would say ‘We are not from here, originally. We are from out there,(the stars). Over the years I have gotten closer to my star roots and listened much more carefully. I wanted to pass on the immense shift that we are involved with currently and some of the stellar and planetary influences that are pushing us. There will be a very powerful eclipse tonight at 11:21 PST. This eclipse is called an annular eclipse or “Ring of Fire” eclipse as the moon, as it shadows the sun, will create a complete block but the distance in the sky of the moon to sun will allow the corona of the sun to edge out from the blotted out center. It creates an aura of light around the darkness of the sun. This is a total eclipse happening with the new moon. Auspicious. Eclipses tend to be a turning point or re-boot of the energy,visions, actions etc. This is an extraordinary eclipse. Just as certain seasons are special to put people out on the hill (fast), this eclipse is special for the year but even more powerful for the millenia. The veil between the Unseen and this 3 dimensional world is very thin. It is said to be a turning point for the world. This change is particularly strong in the Fourth House of the Zodiac (0 degrees Cancer in the Fourth House). This is the house of influence around home, family, personal origins and even personal and collective identity. These areas will be particularly affected now and going on in the months following. the New Moon is squaring, 0 degrees, the Aries Point, the beginning of the Zodiac. This gives us a celestial new beginning, a startover. We can create new plans about what would like to see happen and infuse our humanity with a new collective vision. It is literally right now that we begin. Given the special time that we find ourselves, it would be prudent to develop a personal discipline to take advantage of the influences. Every day, perhaps, take the time to quiet oneself and seek out the vision of what you would like your universe to be. Use this time to send out your vision and rejuvenate yourself. Use the breath to infuse yourself and your vision. We are creating a new world. You will be eventually answered by the Unseen’s influence and leverage. Blessings, Robert — Robert B. Lester II Founder OnePeople Foundation tel: 425-446-0200

20 Jun 2020
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Where Else To Be Inspired

Its creation. Its waking to and tapping into a different mind, the universal mind. And only you can tap this wellspring for yourself. Right now, its raining pretty hard and saturating the woods very deeply. Some may look out at the scene and feel down. No sun. But the truth of inspiration is that it.. read more →

15 Jun 2020
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Chrysalis…What Comes of It

We are in the midst of a huge change. This is not news. We as a species have brought ourselves to this place. We can look at events as doom or we can begin the sometimes daunting phase of creating anew. This is no light order as the entire base and supporting functions within each.. read more →

16 May 2020
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a humanity re-boot

We are living in a culture that is ravaged with fear. For many cultures around the world, there is the deep fear that the culture will be irrevocably changed or destroyed. I think that we are in the process of epoch change and a humanity re-boot. There will be loss of systems and sentiment that no longer.. read more →

28 Mar 2020
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the pure essence of healing work

There is a lot of misconception surrounding the term “Healing Work”. I have been exposed to some form of this work throughout  my life. Even as a youngster, the old people would take me out in the woods to pick mushrooms, various plants and learn the way of the bush. It was a natural setting.. read more →

14 Mar 2017
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entering the season of the wood

We have been charged in the last few months with the deep inner exploration of self, inner work and discovery.  The season of the water,from the ancient understanding of the world medicine, in the deepest part of the year, the winter months,  provides the rejuvenation and clarification of self,  propelling us for the rest of.. read more →

10 Mar 2017
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The Coming Season

We are still in the throes of winter, snow and sleet.  We are also in the ‘winter of our discontent’, for many.   I have been asked by more than one person when we can begin to work on our new arbor.  I have secured a location in the Cascades that will be superb for.. read more →

07 Mar 2017
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we are becoming the Elders we revered

This life looks short from this side of the line.  The Elders that I honored and revered are pretty much on the other side, helping from their vantage.I am reminded about a teaching that was told to me a long time ago, from one of those now departed. It was a teaching around “Elders and.. read more →

07 Mar 2017
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The Final Work

The dissemination of energies to an end is initially driven by spirit.  Our soul bodies whisper the intent of the development.  We touch that subtle firmament in the waking sleep of this reality,only to be directed in the soul evolution. Our efforts are to accomplish the soul goals. If the efforts soldier through the haze.. read more →

15 Feb 2017
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