28 Mar 2020

a humanity re-boot

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We are living in a culture that is ravaged with fear. For many cultures around the world, there is the deep fear that the culture will be irrevocably changed or destroyed. I think that we are in the process of epoch change and a humanity re-boot. There will be loss of systems and sentiment that no longer serve the people in the coming times. This will not be the desolate, crazy apocalyptic times that have been the fever visions of so many. There will the death of the old thinking and the old sentiment. But we that hold the new consciousness will be the harbingers of this new epoch. We are literally in the exact placement of the planetary and stellar alignment of an end of an epoch and the new times.

It is well to re-iterate the old teaching. Culture is not the edifice of our creations, the buildings, clothing, relics, and regalia. Culture is how we treat one another. This is not only a First Nation traditional teaching, but it goes back in time in every culture. We, as a species, worked together for our survival and our longevity.  Everyone in a specific culture had a skill or talent, but always a responsibility to the whole of the people. No one was above the whole. Somewhere along the development, we saw the encroachment of the “I got mine” thinking. It has grown without pause for thousands of years. We are at this current stage in complete re-set. We are now poised to regain our original sentiment, plus we are moving into an epoch that is all about inclusiveness and the welfare of the whole. Not words…action, behavior. The schism of the old beliefs and the new way is stark and many may feel a huge renting of their very internal fabric. But this change is unrelenting and formidable. The outcome of these changes will be a humanity that we can once again feel proud to be a participant. Though you may feel isolated in your person, consider that you a part of a massive evolution, changing your thinking and behavior and letting fall by the wayside, attitudes, behaviors and mistaken beliefs. This evolution is one person at a time, thus the current isolation protocols. But you are not alone in this grand effort

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  1. Beautifully stated, Robert. I’ve been studying living in the Divine Will. It’s all about when Jesus says in the “Our Father” – …thy kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH, as in Heaven.” We are to live, as you say according to the First Nation’s teaching.

    I look forward to the expansion of your blog and talking with you more, dear brother.


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